Saturday, January 14, 2023

LORD LITTER'S RADIO SHOW - "Main Concept" (1992)

I lost contact with Lord Litter back in the 90's when working and parenting replaced writing and wanking off, and it wasn't until some thirty years later that we got back in touch because of this thing called the internet.
"Out Of The Blue" was a short 'Zine he published of mostly music reviews.
Lord Litter is a musician, and is still recording with Das Freie Orchester but he spends most of his time promoting other musicians via his radio shows just like he's been doing for over thirty years. His killer shows can now be heard on KOWS in Northern California, and are available at The Internet Archive to listen to or download. There are over 600 one hour radio shows at that site, and the music he presents is always good, and usually something you're probably not going to hear anywhere else!

On this radio show of his from 1992, there's a German rap song by a band called Main Concept out of Munich, Germany. Main Concept were still recording as of 2021, and have a Bandcamp page where you can check out their particular style of hip hop, and I suggest you do!

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