Friday, March 31, 2023

AL PERRY V/A COMP - "Instrumentals" (19ninety-something)

Thought I'd go out with a bang this month, so here's a tape that was made by Al Perry some time in the early 1990's of instrumental music from some of his friends and fellow music makers, and it's called simply "Instrumentals."
Al Perry is a class act, a helluva nice guy and one of the few people we ever got to meet in person, so getting to have a song on this tape was really cool for us!

There is a whole lot of cool music on this tape, and the songs by Dino Dimuro, Don Campau, Mark Hanley, and Lord Litter are all standouts along with the rest, but instead, here's the first track on the tape that's by a guy I never had contact with or can find out very little about. It's a little long, but worth every rockin' minute of it.

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