Friday, March 17, 2023

EVAN CANTOR and Beyond - The CBDs - "Everything's Got Soul" (2022)

Evan Cantor is a guy who has been making music for almost forever, and even though he was in close association with Little Fyodor who I wrote to a lot, Evan Cantor and I never wrote or exchanged tapes. I wrote 100's of people, somebody was bound to get left out, I guess it was me!
Evan's current project is a band called The CBD's and it's called "Two Sets."
The CBD's feature Burt Rashbaum on keyboards & vocals,
Evan Cantor on acoustic guitar, harmonica, bass, & vocals, and
Roland LaForge on electric guitar & vocals.
Producer Paul Panico contributed drums & percussion.
Evan Cantor is also a painter and this is an 18" X 24" painting of his called "The Castles."
You can find SO much more about all his projects at

Long ago and far away Evan created some pretty wild music with his pal Little Fyodor, who I have written about here more than once. 
If you put a couple of blockheads together like these two, then no doubt you will build a Wall Of Genius!
 There's only one way to describe this group and that's "avant-garde-art-rock-comedy-experimental-noise-performance-art ensemble."

So, without further delay, even though you don't know it, here's what you've been waiting for......

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