Sunday, April 16, 2023

CHARLES RICE GOFF III & LORD LITTER - "The Space-Erly Brothers" (2011)

"During the twelve months between January and December, 2011, C. Goff III and Lord Litter produced the eight recordings in this collection. Never having met in person, Goff (USA) and Litter (Germany) began a long friendship as postal correspondents during the mid-1980's. Over the years, they exchanged many volumes of original recordings with one another, but these two familiar figures of the home-recording underground never had collaborated to compose music together until they embarked upon this project. They achieved their results primarily by modifying original audio files that they exchanged over the internet."
So that's the story and you can listen/download and/or read all about it at
This photo is from the CIII interview in Hal McGee's publication 
Electronic Cottage.
 THE SPACE-ERLY BROTHERS - "Chablis Grand Prix"

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