Wednesday, April 26, 2023

DON CAMPAU - "Piñata Party Part Two" (1988)

To this day one of my favorite tapes I ever traded for was one of the first ones I ever got, and it was this extremely ambitious release by Don Campau titled "Piñata Party." It's been over ten years since I presented tape number one, so I think it's about time for number two.
This whole tape is just excellent, and it was very difficult for me to choose just one song, but......
There is one song that I think is just delightful, and on it, Don is joined by his pal Dino Dimuro, and also his daughter Nicole on vocals. 
Find out about everything you need to know about Don, and believe me, there's plenty, on his website.

 "Promise Dollars and get pennies," boy, ain't it the truth?

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