Monday, November 27, 2023

ARTHUR ALEXANDER - "...Steppin' Out" (2023)

It's pretty damn funny sometimes what it takes to get everything put into the right perspective! In my world it happens a lot!
I just recently discovered the talents of a musician named Arthur Alexander.
 Lord Litter has been playing a lot of his music on his "Magic Music Box International" radio shows, and I thought it was pretty cool that there were still new musicians out there making awesome music. 
 From the high energy and amazing songwriting by Arthur Alexander, I just thought he was some young up and coming musician. Boy, was I surprised to find out that not only has Arthur been around for decades, but I actually had a record of his in my collection that was recorded in 1981 when he was in a band called "The Sorrows."
 The opening track on Arthur's latest album is called "Woman" and it just blows me away. Further truth that when it comes to rockin', age is indeed, just a number!!
You can hear that song and a whole lot more by visiting The Big Stir Records website.
 Big Stir Records has made a name for itself among "older rockers who still are vital."About 2-3 years ago they released a single by another one of my favorite new/old artists, Rich Arithmetic, whose last album "Shiftingears" (Kool Kat Musik, 2021) would have been a good fit on the Big Stir label as would his upcoming album "Pushbutton Romance."

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