Sunday, November 26, 2017

GENTLEMANIAC - "Primitive Primer" (1989)

I sent the 222th copy of our first tape "The Worm's Turn" to a guy only know as Gentlemaniac in Greensboro, North Carolina in what I think was 1989, but it might have been 1990! Either way, he sent me back this cassette called "Primitive Primer," that featured the Gentlemaniac himself on Voice, Guitars, Keyboards, and Harmonica, with E. Sheperd on Guitar & Keyboards, and Murray "King" Reams as Voice, Guitar, Keyboards and Congas! 

  Here's the second song from the A Side of that tape, a sweet little instrumental called:


  1. Hey there! Gentlemaniac is my Dad - Fred Hall. He would have loved to see this post but he died in June 2016 (Freaking cancer). He was always creating, evolving, and sharing his music. These cassette covers he created in the 80s-90s were made from pictures that he cut up and altered (as seen above). These photos included me on his lap!
    Thank you for this! Emma Roe

  2. Thanks Emma! So sorry to hear about your Dad's passing. I'm glad you have such fond memories, and happy to share mine.