Thursday, November 16, 2017

JOHN BARTLES - "Orange Album" (1989)

We've been fortunate enough to record songs via the mail with luminaries of the 80's tape scene like Lord Litter and Don Campau, but I think the best one was on this 1989 release by artist/poet/visionary John Bartles from New York! I sent John a few instrumental tracks on tape, and he took them to Gary Holt's studio, and added amazing vocals and freakin' awesome sax riffs by Ethan Lyons. Unlike digital sounds of today, these cassette tracks got muddier with duplication, but when you've got the right guy doing the job, you can still get an amazing song like this! Here's
"President's Head,"
a song that might well be a lot more pertinent today than it was some 28 years ago!
I think I now have over a 100 cassettes and cd's from John, in fact, I just got one from him a couple of day's ago entitled "A Carrot For Good Behavior!" If you would like to hear more of John's music, I'm sure it's available at Aric Schaubroeck's record store called Mirror Records in Rochester, New York!

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