Sunday, November 12, 2017

JOHNNY PRIMITIVE - "Primitivudu!" (1987)

 So, just like it says over there on the sidebar, in the late 80's, cartoon artistes extraordinaire Brian James Riedel, Gary Wray, and myself had a lot of weekend garage music get togethers, and after the advent of fairly inexpensive drum machines and four tracks, we started taping the stuff we were doing as a band called Hermanos Guzanos just for kicks. One year I met Bob X's brother Johnny Primitive at the San Diego Com Con and he told me he was having pretty good results making cassettes and sending them to college radio stations! I thought that sounded like a pretty cool idea, so I started sending, and then receiving cassettes and magazines from artists all over the world. 

 Johnny Primitive's music was some wild electronic mixes like I had never heard before, and it was easy to understand why he was getting college airplay! Unfortunately, as meticulous as I am about cataloging all this stuff, I've somehow lost the first tape anybody ever gave me, and now only have the case!

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