Monday, November 6, 2017

THE BUD COLLINS TRIO - Shaky Town" (1989)

As far as I can tell "The Bud Collins Band" is still working it today, which makes a whole lot of sense considering how good this "Shaky Town" cassette was that came out in 1989! Here's a link to the band's Facebook page!
Hailing from North Franklin, CT, back then the band consisted of Chris Duers and Pat Guiney on guitars and vocals, Tony Castellano on bass and keys, drummer Chris Weinland, and Gordon Clark playing percussion! Here's a great tune called 


  1. you folks rock! Thanks for the nod - a blast from the past -

    1. Well, Thanx Bud! Great to hear from you! I'm just doing my small part to try and keep good music alive, and it sounds as good as ever! Keep on rockin'!!