Saturday, March 24, 2018

BIG JED - "Good Life" (1989)

 Todd aka Big Jed was a beyond amazing musician, one of those kind of people who was so talented that you never could figure out why they weren't a superstar! I only met him once or twice, and he sincerely seemed to like our music, which to me, was not even in the same realm of what he was doing! The opening act on this flyer was one of our pal Slim's band, 97 Tears.

 This flyer is so legit, it's got the band's set list written on the back! This is another incarnation of Slim's music as opening act called Rainmakers!

So when I met Jed, it was at the same time that I had decided to make a various artists compilation tape of all the cool and unusual indie music I had encountered, so I either asked or he offered to submit these tracks! On my compilation tape called "Refried Dreams" I used his song called "My Town First," so here's something else off of that tape! I lost contact with Todd after this, and I heard that he had passed away a couple of years ago. The background screamer on this song was a very good friend of mine who is also deceased, Suzanne Shelton! This tape was recorded in Todd's home studio, and you'll never know how lucky you are to hear it! The good life, right on! Turn it up!!!


  1. hi-
    thanks for posting this! former bass player of BJ here. could you please contact me when you get a chance?
    want to see if i could get a couple more tracks from you...

  2. Thanks for writing this! Suzy is my mom. Do you have that tape working? I think I have the same one with my mom and Tod singing. Anyway, idk if I know you. -Shelton