Saturday, March 10, 2018

OTOONIES - "The Whale And The Wind" (aT) (1990)

Otoonies: "the whale and the wind" was a 1990 tape released on Carl Howard's 'audiofile Tapes' label or aT for short. I don't know much about Otoonies because this tape was sent to me by Carl, not the band. I think it was a thank-you for sending him old uncirculated three cent stamps he could paste all over a postcard, and piss off the post office! There were three songs on the first side, two new age psychedelic percussive instrumentals and then this out of control rock song! Hang on!!

I guess aT tapes doesn't exist anymore, but Carl is still involved with music and has a radio program called "Space Patrol!" that you should probably check out! 

Actually one of our tapes called "Back In The Alley" was released on Carl's label also in 1990, and to this day the royalty checks have never stopped coming in, but then they technically never started, and I'm pretty sure Carl has all the money in a Swiss bank account because I know for a fact that he must have sold at least three copies! I just also found out that this tape is listed on the Discogs website along with a bunch of other musicians like Pornolicious, Homer and Jethro, Dread Zeppelin, The Fugs, The Smothers Brothers, Frank Zappa, Humpsvakar and other amazing acts in the category of "Explore Parody!" I'm so freakin' honored!!
Hermanos Guzanos - "The Alley"

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