Thursday, March 29, 2018

OLIVER SQUASH - "Wastecoat" (1992)

After a while, things changed and instead of me sending tapes to people I'd read about asking if they would be interested in exchanging tapes with me, people started writing me, and asking if I would be interested in a trade. It really was an interesting time.....

 So in 1992, after reading a review of one of our tapes in Ear Of Corn magazine (Straight outta Stow, Ohio), Oliver Squash from Barnesboro, PA sent me this tape asking me if I would be interested in a trade. I never refused an offer like that so now you can have a chance to hear what the Hell Mr.Oliver Squash was up to back then! From his tape release titled "Wastecoat," here's...
Oliver Squash - "Saturn"

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