Friday, March 2, 2018

THE ID - "what id is" (1987)

 THE ID were from Florida, not the Forbidden Planet! If you wanted to say this band was cerebral, I wouldn't disagree with you! I'm pretty sure this is another tape I got because I read a review of their music somewhere, sent them one of our tapes, and they were kind enough to send something back! 
 The band was Ned Davis : Vocals, guitars, piano, DX7, percussion and bass on one song. John Kuge: Poly-61, Juno-60, and DX7 synthesizers, vocals, piano, electronic drums. Nabil Tamer: Guitars, vocals, bass. With Mike Malinin: Drums, Iver Thue and Paul Miller: Bass, and John Pszyk and Mike Crudele!
 This is a great tape, and these guys are all over the place. I have no idea what this song is about, but I like it!!


  1. very cool! would you happen to have the whole tracklist of the tape? I've been able to find a few of the song titles (Fabulam de nauta sulla, Stan the Puma, She Was Stopped) but little else...

  2. I still have the tape, but that was the only song I made an MP3 of. Want to buy it?