Saturday, April 7, 2018

Dennis Worden's STICKBOY SONG CONTEST LOSERS Compilation (1991)

 In 1991 Comix Artiste Extraordinaire Dennis Worden decided he was going to have a 'Stickboy' song contest. He offered up the lyrics to three songs and the musicians could do their own arrangements! (If that's what you want to call them) I forgot who actually won. The three songs were titled "Could A Heart," "Raw Rat Burger," and "Gotta Be A Ghoul," and this tape featured the losing entries!

 We did a version of "Raw Rat Burger" and killer Comix artiste J. R. Williams, the proprietor of  "J.R. Williams' Fun House!" decided to do a cool version of "Gotta Be A Ghoul!" The rest of the entries besides us and J.R. were Sore Jackson, Iron Duke Melon, The Mary Paul Experience, Karl Hendricks, The Home Rangers, Stephen Hunking, Clevo, Fatner Flint, Free Dummy, and The Mumbles! The Mumbles did a medley of all three tunes and is probably the best of the bunch, but since we're all losers, for now, here's J.R. and....

Because Gary and Dennis were comic buddies, we also got to add another song to the tape that wasn't one of the three choices! It was a song called "GOB" based on one of Dennis's characters, using words from a "GOB" comic that we did on an earlier tape called "Too Close To The Kitty."

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