Sunday, April 29, 2018

JOHN M. BENNETT & SCREAMIN' POPEYES - "El Ninguneo" (Early 1990's)

Jeff Olson of Screamin' Popeyes and I used to write each other a lot. I even sent him some records I got from Bulgaria one time. I found this letter dated 9-24, but I'm not quite sure of the year, probably 1992 or 93. Here's the first sentence: "Thanx for giving "El Ninguneo" a listen, maybe it all makes sense to John. We had fun with it anyway." The John he's referring to was a poet named John Bennett, and on this tape John does his thing, and the Popeyes provide the spacey background sounds. Give it a listen and hear for yourself! There are no titles or words to describe it!
John M. Bennett & Screamin' Popeyes - "El Ninguneo 02"

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