Thursday, April 26, 2018

RATTUS REXX - "Echoes Of The West" (1987)

In early 1988, I sent the 113th copy I had of "The Worm's Turn" to Lord Litter, and #116 went to Winfried Pickart in Germany. The rest is literally history! Winnie Pickart passed away a few years ago, but at least we still have stuff like this to remember him by. His partner Gaby HΓΌnnerbein was the other vocalist in the band. Gaby now is known as Gaby Tiger, and she and her band are still performing today! The words and music were written by Winfried Pickart on all but one song. The rest of the credits read like this. Winnie: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Casio, and Xylophone, Gaby on Vocals, Rene Esser playing Saxophone, and Peter Kraff on Lead Guitar on one song. This tape was recorded on a Yamaha MT1X 45SpurRec. This is what I call, "Just Good Music!"
Rattus Rexx - "Twilight Shines" 

Here's a nice candid shot of Winnie and Gaby from back in the day that I got from Gaby via Lord Litter!

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