Monday, April 2, 2018

DINO DIMURO - "A Real Pretty Rose" (1986)

 Dino DiMuro was an incredibly talented musician from L.A. who was also a good friend of Don Campau, so I sent Dino one of our tapes and this was the tape he sent in return! Needless to say, it blew me away! Our music was impromptu, loose, and sloppy, and Dino's was insanely well thought out, intelligent, and meticulous!  Like no comparison!

Dino DiMuro was a hopeless romantic with a sense of humor who was in love with everyone from amazing cartoon artiste Lynda Barry to Don Campau's daughter Nicole, and the world is lucky, because he liked to write about it!

On this tape Dino is joined by Greg Gray on drums, and Don Campau on one track, but the rest of it is all attributed to Dino! I don't think anyone has ever come as close to the sound of Captain Beefheart's Magic Band as the guitar work on this undying ode to love called "Lynda Barry," so enjoy!!!

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