Thursday, February 27, 2020

GODSPUNK VOLUME SEVENTEEN - "Various Artists Compilation" (2016)

 This is the last of the "Godspunk" series CDs that pStan Batcow sent me, and it's a good one, because they're all good ones. 
Don't believe me then you can go get your own at Pumf.Net.

 Volume Seventeen was released in 2016.

 Here's the list of the wide array of talent presented on this disc, most of which are connected to pStan Batcow in some way or another. 
Howl In The Typewriter, UNIT, S.L.I., The Large Veiny Members, New Born Nihilist, Heavy Water, and Nil By Nose.

I'm not quite sure why this song by S.L.I. wasn't a giant hit somewhere, because it sure has got all the right elements! I don't know much about these guys but I think this song is enough!
S.L.I. - "Auburn Hair"
 Don't believe in time machines? pStan also just sent me this link to tons of  Pumf videos, so for a real blast from the past, go check it out, but make sure somebody knows where you go, just in case you don't come back!

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