Saturday, February 22, 2020

GAJOOB ISSUE #7 - Sampler # 6 - Phinney/McGee (1991)

 Lord Litter informed me yesterday that long time hope taper, and all around good guy Chris Phinney was out walking in October 2019, and was hit by a motorist with no insurance. He has had multiple surgeries, and for the time being is confined to a wheel chair, but the bills keep coming in, so if you  can find it in your heart to help out an old friend in need, here's a link to a gofundme site that is being run by Chris's daughter Molly, because every little bit helps!

Gajoob # 7 had a very cool cover done by Michael J. Bowman, and came with at least eight, yes, I said eight sampler tapes to go along with it! Bryan Baker was a very busy guy!

 Bryan Baker is still a very busy guy, and Gajoob Magazine is still going strong online today!

The top picture was of Chis Phinney on the cover of Electronic Cottage magazine, and the cut I'm giving you was a piece that Chris did with the editor of Electronic Cottage, Hal McGee that was on a tape from 1990 called "Heads." It's something they've been doing together for the last 30 years off and on.

 Chris sent me this picture of the cover of the "Heads" tape.

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