Thursday, February 20, 2020

INDIVIDUAL POP COMPILATION - "Every Step You Take" (1987)

 In 1988, I sent the 84th copy of "The Worm's Turn" to Claus Korn in Germany, and he wrote a review in his "Individual Pop" magazine that when translated, came out something like this......
...."Similar to Zappa, only more ominous/dark & wilder.....Where the humor is sounds, Hermanos Guzanos are after "Whisk Trunkenter Großstadt" (Whiskey Drunk City)"

 Sounded like a compliment to me!

 Claus in turn sent me this various artists tape called "Individual Pop: Compilation" he put together that featured a wealth of talent and lots of music that was new to me!

Here's a couple of pretty cool tunes from this cassette:
CLEANERS FROM VENUS - "Follow The Plough"
 FIT UND LIMO - "De Plus En Plus"
Now that I've got Discogs at my disposal, I can show you the three cassettes that these songs were taken from.

This was the tape that Cleaners From Venus released in 1986 that had "Follow The Plough" on it.
Cleaners from Venus lead by Martin Newell have gone on to have a long recording career, and are still doing it today! Here's a link to their Bandcamp page.

 The song by Fit Und Limo came from this 1984 cassette called "Golden Trash. Petra "Fit" Lienemann and Stefan "Limo" Lienemann were from Bavaria, Germany and kept making music until about 2007.

This 1987 tape by Merricks titled "John Lebt! Take Five" featured the song "Es Ist Vorbei."
Merricks recorded up until 2001, and you can check out all their releases HERE!

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