Monday, April 27, 2020

HIGH RISK OF RAINBOWS AND HAIR RIBBONS - " I Got The Corona Virus - 19 Blues" (2020)

Chris Phinney released this freakin' amazing compilation today titled...
"High Risk of Rainbows & Hair Ribbons (I Got the Corona Virus - 19 Blues)!"
This is the way Chris describes the project...
"This album came about as the result of a conversation between myself & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt March 20th, where we discussed circling all the wagons & going out with our boots on due to the virus & health conditions. We leave here a digital footprint actually a bootprint."

This compilation features 98 incredible International artists of all genres, many who go all the way back to the D.I.Y. tape years of the 80's and some even earlier!
It's over six hours long, and is a free download on Bandcamp!!
Get it while you can, we're all in this together!
I was going to give you a sample but why waste your time here, just go to the Bandcamp link and listen to one or all 98, or download the whole project in a format of your choice!
Just click on the link below!

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