Wednesday, September 2, 2020

CAMBRIC MILL - "The Rehearsal Tapes" (2020)

For many years now, there have been rumors circulating around that there were rehearsal tapes of a never heard group called Cambric Mill, and finally pStan Batcow of Pumf Records has somehow got his hands on the original recordings, and released it on CD this year, and I, as candidate for the luckiest guy in the world, have been given a promo copy to share with you.

 "CAMBRIC MILL"- the band who spent so long rehearsing their new sound which they called 'Industrial Folk Power Electronics" - before tragically committing group suicide in a homebrew death cult ritual prior to even playing a gig."

 "What happened in-between the songs is what tells the real story...and it's a fascinating insight into this troubled group of people."

 Here's a fine example of what you'll find inside!
CAMBRIC MILL - "Paradise" 
AND....the winner IS Moon!

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  1. Yes it was such a tragedy that such a talented team were taken from us, they had so much to contribute but were conflicted which led to the sad events which unfolded. They are sadly missed by all who knew them but we still have the memories of their work and struggles. May they all find peace, SIM.