Tuesday, April 7, 2020

BUD KING AND THE DIODE TRIO - "Good-Bye Kookaburra" (2017)

 It just doesn't get much better than good ole Bud King and the Diode Trio outta New York!
This 2017 CD was called "Good-Bye Kookaburra" for a reason, a very good reason!

As the CD notes say, "On the shutting down of all 3 transmitters of S.W. Radio Australia International (Formerly Known World-Wide as "Australia Calling" on Jan 30, 2017) The cry of the Kookaburra and the melody of  "Waltzing Matilda" which were it's themes never to echo across the S.W. airways again - A service to the Out-Back and remote islands since WWII."
What a shame!

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