Friday, April 24, 2020

THE EBERLY BROTHERS - "Valeriana Officinalis" (1989)

 This was a great tape put out in 1989 by John and Doug Eberly, better known as The Eberly Brothers!
I found this website for John!

Everything that John E. did was masterful in my opinion from working with his brother to working with his band called "The Mumbles."

 Straight out of Wichita, this tape has it all !

 There's remixes of 1988 rehearsal sessions!

 There's cuts recorded 'live' at places like The El Macombo Lounge, and The Coyote Club!

 There are also covers of "Up From The Skies," & "House Of The Rising Sun."

This is the actual tape that this was recorded on. Talk about recycling 101, thank you Jesus! 

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