Friday, April 17, 2020

MENTAL ANGUISH - "Flotsam" (2006)

A lot of artists from the 80's and 90's aren't around any more, but quite a few have continued through the years, and one of the most productive has been Chris Phinney and his "Harsh Reality" label.
"Flotsam" is a fascinating release by Mental Anguish done in 2006, and most recently made available from "Harsh Reality's" Bandcamp page.

Chris was kind enough to send along some photos he's taken that will help set the mood!
These two were shot in New Mexico.

where you can get lost for hours or days!

 Those last four gorgeous photos were taken in Pensacola, Florida, along with the next two!

 There's many different styles of sound on "Flotsam" and you can listen to them all, or dig down deep and pay a dollar to own it all. Now that's a deal,
and you can find it right here! Mental Anguish - "Flotsam"

It's all great but one of the standout tracks is this beautifully ethereal and haunting tune that matches these photos, especially these from Sedona, Arizona. This song has vocals by Skantkin and it just might make you feel better about life for a couple of minutes, then you can listen to the other version and make that feeling last even longer!
 (Anguish Mix)
MENTAL ANGUISH - "Easy Morning - Here & Now" 
(Mental Poets Mix)

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