Thursday, September 24, 2020

CHRIS PHINNEY AND ED DRURY - "Who Will Feed The Pigs" (2020)

Some people don't know what to do with all the extra free time they have these days, and then some do! Chris Phinney and Ed Drury are among the ones who do, so while most people are sitting at home twiddling their thumbs, these two guys have been very busy twiddling knobs and creating music that really sets the mood for where we are at these days.

 Ed and Chris just put the finishing touches on a new release they made available 9-24-2020 on Chris's Harsh Reality label called "Who Will Feed The Pigs"  and you can download all 19 tracks for a buck! It might look like there are only 18 tracks, but when you purchase it, you get access to the hidden 19th track.

Here's a tune I think will put you in the mood!

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