Wednesday, September 30, 2020


This a tape of a radio show called "Tapedepartment" done by Lord Litter almost thirty years ago that was produced for Radio Marabu where he still continues to have a show to this day!
I'm pretty sure Lord Litter's current shows would be more popular but most people these days just can't handle this much good music. They might have to think! Want to submit some music 30 years later, then this is still his address!

This was going to be the cover of a tape we were going to do at about the same time that unfortunately never happened, that included Lord Litter, John Bartles, Don Campau, Michael Gonzales, and our pal, the long deceased Slim the Drifter.

The reason Lord Litter had sent me this tape was because I had done an interview via tape and mail explaining our cool and new public access TV show called "Offbeat," that he had used on the show followed by one of our songs called "Death Train," but instead of that, here's the intro to the show followed by a very cool UK group who were called Ripzmag.

This cassette called "Grapple" is where the song came from.

The band members were Tim Perkins on guitar/vocals, Chris Barber on bass/vocals, and Pete Brownjohn on percussion
Since I am still in touch with Lord Litter these days, he informed me that Tim worked with comic book writer extraordinaire Alan Moore, co-writing/producing five albums and participating in mixed media performances, and Chris and Pete both also were on Alan Moore's 2011 CD titled "A Compilation Of Songs And Performances By Alan Moore And Friends."

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