Thursday, September 10, 2020

THE MOUTH BANDITS - "Gajoob Issue #7 - Sampler #3" (1991)

Bryan Baker's Gajoob # 7 was published in the Summer of 1991.
An enormous project no matter how you look at it, this issue also came with eight sampler tapes of the artists that were reviewed within. 

I still have several of these tapes, so to do something a little different, I thought I would pick one song off each one I have left by an artist that I personally never made contact with.

In this case, it would be The Mouth Bandits from Urbana, Ilinois.

Here's a pic I swiped from their Ednavison page
where you can find some more pictures and songs.
The very cool song on this tape was from a 1989 tape called "St. Mary's Road"
The Mouth Bandits were also big fans of The Firesign Theater, and their other tape reviewed in this issue from 1990 was called "Attack Of The Groovy Bushmen" and I just happened to find it on YouTube!

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