Friday, May 17, 2019

A MONASTERY OF PORCUPINES - Various Artists Compilation (1990)

 "A  Monastery Of Porcupines" was a1990 various artists compilation tape put out by our pal Dave and his buddies in Stow, Ohio.  

 What does any of it mean? Beats the Hell out of me!

Hermanos Guzanos had four songs on this tape, and the rest of the artists involved were Insect Fear, Humidifier, Caroliner, Eeyore Power Toy, Sockeye, Humans On Leashes, Six Feet Under, Suckdog, Volkswhale, Funeral Cookies, Big Butter, Bug, and Booger Safety Pill Barn. Here's one of the songs:
HUMIDIFIER (John King) - "Batman and Robin"

 "A Monastery Of Porcupines" also came with a full size magazine thing with full page features on all the people involved!

This was the info page from that zine about Humidifier!

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