Thursday, May 23, 2019

SLIM THE DRIFTER - "Luna Loco (Crazy Moon)" (1991)

 Our friend Slim The Drifter had many incarnations over the years before he was gone. The Rainmakers was one of his bands, and another one was called 97 Tears.

 In 1981 Slim was in a punk band in Bakersfield called Teen Suicide!

 I got these screen caps from a video he gave me of Teen Suicide performing outside at the local junior college!

 10 years later, he was performing as Slim The Drifter, a moniker he liked because the drifter was something that Hank Williams was known as! He even worked as a carnie for a while to prove it. Slim was a multi-faceted, and multi-talented guy, and I wondered why he would hang out and play music with a bunch of goofs like us, but it was because he was also a mess!

These two shots are from a 1991 video of one of his songs called "Ramblin' Man" we played on our public access TV show called "Offbeat."

 This is probably the only one in existence, a genuine Slim The Drifter bumper sticker!
And here's a cool instrumental off of that cassette release called "Here Comes A Lily" from the same year.

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