Friday, May 10, 2019


 Well IF I ever find my copy of Gajoob #7, I will put the cover of the magazine here somewhere.

 Gajoob was the hard work of Bryan Baker, who continues his musical crusade to this very day! Not only did he come out with the magazine, he then started offering sampler tapes from the artists in each issue! But since Bryan is completely insane, was he satisfied with putting out only one sampler tape with each issue of Gajoob? Heck No! I've got eight sampler tapes to go along with Gajoob # 7. That's right, I said eight!

We had one song on this tape along with 17 other different groups of people!
There were no rules, guidelines, or barriers, so there's a wide variety, and also all kinds of weird stuff on this tape! Here is one of the more normal ones!

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  1. Gajoob was inspirational. We're still releasing a lot of music - never stopped! (Secret Archives of the Vatican).