Friday, May 31, 2019

LMNOP - "Camera-Sized Life" (1996)

Things really changed after the CD came around. A lot of people still had to use cassettes though, because it still wasn't that easy to record on a CD at home, but Baby Sue Records was always an innovator! This early CD by LMNOP was called "Camera-Sized Life," and contained 30 songs by Stephen Fievet, aka LMNOP, who played all the instruments, and did all the vocals! The CD says 1996, but the letter I got with it is dated 1994, so I'm not sure what the actual date is.
The CD was engineered and produced by Don W. Seven.

It was about the end of the line for Guzanos, and I had written Stephen and told him that some day maybe I would do another tape, and his response was
 "You must never must go on and on...forever & ever."

That was over 20 years ago, and from the looks of the Baby Sue Website, he must have meant it, because he's still going strong!

Just in case you can't tell what a great sense of humor Steve has, here's a mock-up dirty Scrabble game card he sent me! Funny Stuff!! You never knew what you'd get in the mail back then!
Here's number 18 of the 30 songs on this CD...All you have to do is enjoy!

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