Saturday, May 25, 2019


 Still undefined by any musical genres in my opinion, Crash~N~Burn were musical trendsetters of a kind of music that still hasn't been thoroughly explored today. Their music was some kind of loosetightmanicfunkjampunkfusion rock, but I don't think that even describes it very good!  John offered to come to Bakersfield to do a gig, but I didn't have any way to set that up, and too bad, because I'll bet they were a blast to see live!

 Crash~N~Burn were from San Francisco, and consisted of John Sanders - Right-Wing Guitar and Vocals, Amy Sanders - Bass and Vocals, Dean Menta - Left-Wing Guitar, and Parry Wolfe on Drums!
I don't know what happened to them, but I do know they rocked the late 80's.

These are some of the cool stickers John sent me, and here's a killer song from this demo tape!

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